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Tip For Bigger Size Men!

Okay just to give bigger guys a heads up.  I am talking to those who need a waist that is bigger than 36.  Which is me, size 42 waist. 

Problems I have found with the clothes here are CRAZY!.  The worst is pants

Europeans like super tight jeans and pants. 

Dad size muscular thighs might struggle to get in the legs.  Because my fat thighs did!

I brought a single pair for the 2-month travel.  They did get a little ruined in the crouch area. 

It happens and it was not because I farted, no matter what my kids say. 

Okay, so we went to several stores.  And it sucked!  I could not fit in any of them.  They were super tight or did not have my fat guy size.

I went to Springfield, Celio and HM.  They all sucked!

Not because of quality, but because of sizing opinions.

I did find a reasonable pair that fit from Celio.  It was tight but the legs were wide enough for my fat thighs. 

But still rough on the crouch area. 

If you ever want to punch a fit guy in the face, just try on pants in a store in Europe.  Yeah…

They do have Levis, but they are twice the price.  They also have some nice slacks, but the same problem, fat thighs.  

A great place to get some if you can find them is at Carrefour. 

I found 7 Euro pants there and grab 3. 

Good thing they are so affordable because they were easily faded in the crouch area. 

Like in a few months. 

I gave in and got a pair from Levis.  They have the same styles and cuts as the states. 

But the highest I could find was 38, which at the time, I ran a lot and walked a lot more and lost some weight.  So I got lucky.

If you are above 38 waists, please get stocked up on your pants from the states.  It will save you tears and anger.  Yes, I did tear up because I could not fit in the pants. 

When you are fat and trying on pants, you will understand.

The other opinion that I found that works great is going to Decalton.  I went there to get shorts that would fit and came across slacks, well more like hiking pants that look like slacks.  The slacks there are also a little lighter and easy to breathe.

So if you are a bigger guy please, please, get yourself some pants before you come here.