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Who We Are

We are the Lathrop family- there are seven (yes, SEVEN) of us, and we LOVE to travel and explore! Our family is a little crazy, a little loud, and a lot of fun. Mostly.

With 4 girls and a boy- ages 20 down to 5- we've picked up lots of knowledge on traveling as a family of all ages! Organization is a key part of making it all work- but sometimes life still catches us by surprise!

We hope that you find lots of value from our site to help make YOUR family's life abroad a bit easier, and enjoy being part of our adventures as much as we love having you here with us! :)


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Get Our Best Organizers!

Nicole Cox, GA

“Great spreadsheet! It was easy to input all my expenses and income. Love the colors and charts too. Works like magic!"

Olivia Nelson, U.K.

"Easy to use and super sleek. Works well for me and very budget friendly!"

Tara Lovelace, KY

“Great Spreadsheet! Easy to download and use … love the design!”
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