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Moving a family of seven...overseas?!?

Our friends think we're crazy, our family thinks we're nuts...they're probably not wrong, but you only live once right?

When you find yourself in your mid-thirties, and a doctor says you HAVE to unload a LOT of stress (like yesterday) or DIE, you kind of want to live a little. So why not move your family of seven half-way across the world, to a place you've NEVER been, where they speak a language you DON'T know, because YOLO? (Is YOLO a thing, anymore?)

Perhaps I should back up a bit. When I say I had to relieve my stress or die, I'm not being dramatic about getting grey hair or wrinkles. I'll explain a little, but don't worry, this isn't a PSA. I was 8 months pregnant with our SURPRISE baby (our 5th, a boy!!) when I had a very rare type of heart attack known as a SCAD. Without getting too scary, it's the #1 killer of women under age 50, look it up if you want more info.

Anyhow, after 6 days in the cardiac intensive care unit (and a baby who spent a few weeks in the NICU), I had a beautiful baby boy and a deep rooted yearning to live life to it's fullest. Our business is fully online, so why not, right?! (Faint chanting....  ....Do it, do it, do it!)

I was also, coincidentally, in my last semester of grad school for my Master of Arts degree in Ancient and Classical History with a concentration in Roman and Greek studies (especially women's studies, because, duh, I have four daughters, lol). So considering I've just spent 10+ years learning about the ancient scribble scrabble of fascinating cultures from thousands of years past, as much as I LOVE our country...

I really wanted to take my family to see these fascinating places in real life, and there is just way too much to see in 180 days when you're dragging 5 kids, 7 suitcases and 3 bottles of wine (wait...wine isn't allowed through airport check in?!?) along for the ride.

And so our story begins...

The Lathrop Clan began serious discussions of what it might mean to make a long term trip to Europe.