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Applying for the Non-Lucrative Visa - What Is Needed

So you want to apply for a visa, huh? If you've found this post, it's pretty likely that you are already considering moving to another country, and congratulations, you're about to have the adventure of a lifetime. (Warning: This blog post is loooonggg, but stay with me, it's an important one.)

Applying for a visa is like tackling a gourmet recipe, if you pay attention to the ingredients and follow the steps, you make something amazing...but when you first read the recipe it can be a bit intimidating! Don't worry, though, I typically make food that has directions on the box (mac and cheese! Yum!!) and I got our family through this process just fine. <3

First you will need a list of necessary items. You can typically find this by researching the country you want to move to and finding its consulate page. For example, for Spain, I went here to find the list of requirements we needed for our family. You can get the checklist we used to prepare our long list of items as a free pdf download or working excel sheet here.

The basic list of necessary items for us to get a visa from Spain is as follows:

1. The actual Visa Application (two copies).
2. Two passport size pictures (you should get plenty of copies of your passport photos when you have them done, you will need about 5-6 of them for various things).
3. A copy of all pages of your passport. (You will surrender your original passport as part of your visa application.)
4. Driver License or State I.D. with current address. (You need a paper copy but will also have to show the original when you submit your application.)
5. Original certificate of good conduct (police clearance) issued by the FBI or your State “Public Criminal Background Check” (Check the consulate instructions on this carefully to see what is accepted.)
6. Local Health Certificate with letterhead, stamp, and signature of the Doctor translated into Spanish. Original and copy. See a copy of what we submitted here.
7. Proof of accommodation in the city where you want to live- this is also going to be dependent on your consulate. We were able to submit a letter explaining why we had chosen Valencia to move to, but other consulates required to submit a lease or deed valid for 12 months- this is a BIG commitment to do ahead of moving somewhere, so check your facts and do your research! :)
8. Proof of health insurance with full coverage in Spain. We will be posting more details about this soon.
9. Authorization of residence application (This is just an easy pdf application to fill out and attach.)
10. Proof of sufficient financial resources. We will also be doing a dedicated blog post on making this easier and more straightforward. It is one of the most critical parts of your application.
11. Authorization of initial residence Fee (You need a money order for this amount with your visa application.)
12. Visa Fee (Again, with a SEPARATE money order for the amount.)

I know this seems like a lot of items, but if you break it down and tackle them one at a time, it is much more manageable. It took us approximately 6 months to gather everything and prepare all of the necessary items. 


Sometimes additional items are needed that are not on the above list. This is especially true if you are applying as a family. There should be a short list on your consulate page with the separate requirements for dependents. Be sure to check! This is a situation in where you want to OVER prepare. Everything goes faster and smoother that way. ;)

Some of the things that will also probably be needed, which some people have found out after submitting their initial application are:

1. Original copies of birth certificates, translated and apostilled by the state they were issued in.
2. Original copy of your marriage certificate, translated and apostilled.
3. A letter of intent - this can also be wrapped into your Proof of Accommodation letter, but even if you need to furnish a lease you should include a letter of intent. You can see our example letter here.

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you had to provide anything I haven't included. :)