LathropsGoneAWOL family trip to Sevilla Spain


How We Got Here

We are the Lathrop family, and a few years ago, we went A.W.O.L. and started traveling the world! 😜 To make life even more fun, we started to log everything in our family travel blog. And that is what led us to create this website!

After a life-changing event in 2016, we decided it was time to sell our home and move abroad to see the world! We moved from Florida (USA) to Valencia, Spain! ​

We have 4 girls and a boy- ages 20 down to 5! We started traveling internationally when our youngest was just over a year old.

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Diapers changed mid-trip


Cups of coffee needed to make it all happen

LathropsGoneAWOL family trip to Sevilla Spain

Traveling with kids from babies up through the angsty teen years has brought us plenty of different challenges. We hope to share what we’ve learned with our readers!

My husband and I also run our own online business. Working remotely allows for a lot of flexibility, which is great! Unfortunately, it also adds a bit to the chaos and messiness of our daily lives. 

We’ve learned how to REALLY get organized- from budgeting and planning to packing and prep! Being organized is a key part of making family travel as smooth as possible, but we weren’t always so organized and put together! We had to learn on the fly- sometimes quite literally! 😅

I hope that you find lots of value from sharing our adventures along with us!

We’ve filled this blog full of tips we’ve learned during our family travels, and hope they help make things easier for YOUR family, too! Thank you so much for reading!

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