Visiting the Provence France Lavender Fields is a BIG bucket list item for many. (Me me me!) The scenery makes it an especially beautiful stop for any Southern France family vacation itinerary and it just seems so… peaceful. That being said, our family travel to the lavender fields in Provence France was NOT at all what I expected it to be!

Looking back after the trip, I knew that I needed to write down all my best tips for visiting the France lavender fields so every family could have the best vacation possible. It is a bucket list vacation for many of us, after all! So here’s a few tips for your Provence France lavender fields family vacation to help make it a visit that the whole family can enjoy!

Our family at the Provence France lavender fields family vacation

Wear a long dress or pants so the lavender doesn’t scratch you and cut your legs.

Something I missed during ALL of my meticulous research (aka A-type, over the top pre-planning) was that the lavender plants are SCRATCHY and will cut your legs!

Like many people who visit the Provence France lavender fields, I picked my outfit in advance. And, because this was a bucket list activity for me, I also picked matching outfits for ALL my kids. I may have gently steered my husband’s outfit choice as well. 🤪

Since it was early July, we did what any reasonable person would do when planning a summer vacation- wear shorts.

Valensole lavender fields Provence France

I was a little bit bummed when we actually arrived to the Valensole lavender fields and started making our way through them. It felt like walking through tall weeds! 🤯

It was definitely an oversight. The lavender plants touching our legs didn’t even cross my mind once during all of my planning!

That’s why I wanted to make wearing pants or long dresses my VERY FIRST tip for seeing the lavender fields.

There’s enough to think about when planning a family vacation in France! So at least this is one less thing to catch you off guard when you get there. 😉

Basically, if you plan to wear pants, slacks or a long dress, you’ll be fine. (Or, maybe put lotion on your legs before leaving and pray for the plants to be kind if you have your heart set on a cute outfit that leaves your legs bare.)

And while we are talking about outfit choices, here’s another quick tip. Pastels or light-coloured outfits look great against the lavender fields. Soft pinks, blues, beige, white and greens complement the light purple.

The lavender fields are best enjoyed as a day trip or farm experience.

The other tip I want to mention right off the bat is that the Provence france lavender fields can be seen in one day. It makes a perfect DAY trip for any family vacation in France. (Or add it to a fun European road trip!)

While the lavender fields south of France are definitely some of the most beautiful in the world, there’s really not enough to do or see over multiple days. Plus, your little ones will probably get bored if you decide to stretch it out longer.

That being said, there are a lot of other great things to do in the Provence region. Especially if you like hiking, the beach, and/or lots of beautiful and quaint little towns.

In fact, our Southern France family vacation was a favorite for our entire family! Even our littlest ones loved it! 😍

(Check out our Family Holidays In South France tips to make the most of your France family vacation!)

But if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering:

Can you really get the full experience if you only do a one-day visit to the lavender fields in Provence?!

Yes. You absolutely can. And I’ve got you covered below with a GREAT link to the perfect lavender fields France map in tip No. 4. 😉 The route can be easily enjoyed in one day. In fact, we did it in one afternoon!

If you really do have your heart set on enjoying them for longer, you might be able to plan ahead and book a fun farm stay or ‘airbnb experience’ stay right by the Provence lavender fields. There are also several fun tours to get more of a ‘behind the scenes’ visit.

We had already planned a multi-week European family vacation. So it was easy to add a Provence visit to our itinerary as we passed through Southern France.

GetYourGuide Activities in Provence France with Kids Collage

Go early in the morning and get deep into the Provence France lavender fields for the best shots.

Here’s where tip No. 1 really starts to matter.

First of all, it’s important to get there as early in the morning as possible. ☀️🐓☀️

I thought I was super smart and planned a late afternoon visit. I could get the late setting sun (hello, Golden Hour!) and not have to wake the kids up super early. (Score for sleeping in!)

But that was a bad idea for a couple of reasons- most of all because afternoons are INSANELY hot!

We got super lucky, because there were water bottles in the car from earlier. Unfortunately, there weren’t really any cafes or gas stations near the fields to rely on.

Provence France lavender fields and sunflower fields in France
A crowd of people in the Provence France Lavender fields and the sunflower fields in France
Also, the lavender fields were quite busy in the afternoon!

Even though we weren’t able to visit in late June, there were still a LOT of people taking photos and wandering around! 👀 (Late June is the best time to see lavender fields in Provence, btw.)

This picture had lots of people in it, for example. But for the most part I tried to take pictures without people in the way (or crop them out).

Terranova was quite a popular spot to visit. You can see both the sunflower and the lavender fields side by side there.

Even though our trip came pretty close to harvest time, it was still pretty crowded, in my opinion. (We visited the lavender fields on July 10th, since harvest is in mid-July.)

So, if I could do it over again, I would definitely head out earlier in the morning. That way, I could take advantage of the slower crowds and avoid overheating.

Even if you’re going to see the lavender fields in France with kids in tow, this is one experience you’ll want to wake up early for.

Tip for the BEST time to see lavender fields in Provence:

The peak lavender season Provence is considered to be late June up to the first week of July. Most fields get harvested by mid July when the plants are at their best.

For the second half of this family vacation tip, I suggest taking your time to actually GO deeper into the fields.

There were a lot of people standing to take photos around the edges of the lavender fields. But only those with professional photographers actually seemed to be walking deeper into the fields to get the good shots.

It’s YOUR trip. And I’m sure you want to have beautiful memories of your France family holidays! Don’t be afraid to get in there and actually go for it! 🥳

There’s a reason the professionals were dragging their clients deeper into the fields. That’s where the prettiest shots are!

(Don’t forget my earlier tip about longer dresses or pants though, those plants will get ya!)

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Use an updated route through the Valensole fields for the best experience.

When doing my copious amounts of research…. (I’m a little over the top, remember?!)

I found an AMAZING blog run called LeLongWeekend. It’s written by a woman who actually lives in Provence. She updates the ideal route through the Valensole lavender fields in Provence every single year!

If you haven’t heard of Valensole yet, it’s a nice little area in Provence with LOTS of lavender fields. There’s also a cute little town area nearby to stop for lunch (or early dinner).

BTW- in Europe, Provence is often called Aix-En-Provence. Don’t worry, they’re the same place. I was confused when first planning, so I thought I’d mention this.

All in all, if you follow the LeLongWeekend’s route, you can see ALL the best Provence France lavender fields as one glorious day trip. Then you can move on to enjoy the rest of your France family vacation activities! 🎉

You can see her wonderfully put-together and informative blog with her clever map route of all the fields here!

Don’t over edit your lavender field photos and be careful when using filters.

You probably already noticed that most of my tips come from things we happened to find out first hand.

So as you can probably guess, I turned all our lavender field photos purple. 😅

Overedited photo from lavender season France vacation
Oops! This is my over-edited photo from our lavender season France vacation!

After we got back from our wonderful Valensole France lavender fields experience, I was SO excited to edit our photos and get them put up on social media for our friends and family to see!

I immediately opened my phone to play with the photo editing settings. There was a ‘cool’ filter that REALLY made the purple in the lavender pop automatically!

So I edited all my photos fairly quickly, then uploaded them to Facebook… and surprise!

All of the clouds in my photos were purple! It looked awful!! 😵‍💫

They looked better on my phone than they did on social media, I swear! LOL!!

Luckily, I went back to the original photos and edited them manually. (No filters, thank you!) It was a bit more work, but they looked great that way! Crisis averted!

It really saved my beautiful lavender field photos. Even though the purple didn’t ‘pop’ like it did before, the end result was still beautiful.

Father and Daughter in the Provence France lavender fields
Fixed!! Less is more to capture the beauty of the Provence France lavender fields

And even though you might have realized this already…

Most of the lavender field photos you see online have been heavily edited to make the purple colors pop.

After my visit to the Provence France lavender fields, I decided to take a professional photo editing course ASAP. I wanted MY photos to look as beautiful as the ones I see online!

That being said, here are some GREAT resources that I’d love to share in case they can be helpful!

There’s a fantastic collection of the Top 50 Best FREE Lightroom Presets if you’re lucky enough to know how to use lightroom (which I will be learning ASAP!!). These really help make your photos POP without that overdone look!

There are also several AWESOME photography courses made for specifically for mobile phones from Udemy. These can help improve photo taking skills as well.

My 13 year old daughter and I took a free Udemy course together a few weeks before our European road trip. We had lots of fun going around our town, taking photos and bonding! And for a free course, we were pretty impressed! Check out our photos from our visit to Monet’s Gardens to see what I mean! 5 stars!!

Don’t skip the sunflower fields, they are prettier than the lavender!

Remember that awesome Valensole lavender fields france map blog I mentioned earlier? She also makes a note of a pretty sunflower field that you can see along the way! Yay!!

I didn’t know what to expect, but to be honest, we all absolutely LOVED the sunflower field! It was so beautiful! There was about two hours of exploring before we reached the sunflowers. So it was a nice break from the many lavender fields South of France had to offer.

It was also fun for the kids to see, too! They had never actually seen a sunflower plant up close until then!

Our family loved the sunflower fields in France
Our family loved the sunflower fields in France!

Even though it wasn’t part of our original plan, the sunflower fields Provence France did not disappoint!

Now our kids point out sunflower fields on our family travels to see new places. So it was definitely memorable for our kiddos!

You can park on the sides of the roads of the lavender fields- but be careful crossing the streets.

When driving to the Valensole France lavender fields, we initially expected to see parking lots and tourist attractions. Or maybe shops and t-shirt stands? I guess we expected it to be more commercialized.

It was a wonderful surprise to see that the lavender fields still look like real farming fields for the most part!

With the exception of a few stores sprinkled around, you drive on smaller roads with various farming fields on both sides.

Once you get to the lavender fields that you want to explore and/or take photos of, you can just pull over to the side of the road and park.

Don’t worry- in most cases you will already see other cars parked there so you will know where to go. 😉

When you’re crossing the road(s) to get to the fields, be sure to pay close attention to the traffic from both directions.

The speed limit was usually 60-70kph, and we saw many cars that seemed to be going faster than that. So we were very careful crossing with our kids, waiting for all the cars to pass.

Others weren’t quite so careful, and I was so nervous for them! (I’m such a mom, getting worried about total strangers crossing the road! Haha!)

One couple even got honked at because they weren’t paying attention when crossing! 🤯

And on that note, I also have a 7 Tips for Driving in France as a Tourist post with great tips to make driving in Southern France a bit less stressful and more enjoyable.

Little shops & stands on the sides of the road also make great photo ops.

There are multiple little shops spread out along the journey, and visiting them helps make the trip a little more fun for the kids.

Lavandres store open during lavender season Provence France
Lavandres is a cute little store open during lavender season Provence France

It’s also fun to see all the different lavender soaps and trinkets. 😍

One shop, called Lavandes Angelvin, has an especially beautiful storefront outside. There is also a (very) small parking lot to the side where you can get a nice little photo op!

There is a strict ‘customers only’ policy for using their parking, however. So be sure to park, go inside and buy something pretty, and then head back outside for your photos!

It’s also really good practice to support the local shops. We bought something small from each store and it really wasn’t that expensive- there’s plenty of small items for those on a budget.

(Our youngest both got a stuffed lavender bear from one shop, and we got pretty soaps and embroidered towels from another.)

Not only will you get a great souvenir from your Provence France family vacation, but you’ll be contributing to the farmers’ livelihoods as well. 🤩

Since we always keep our family travel on a budget, I simply added $15 for each person to spend in the shops to our travel budget.

We didn’t even spend that much, so it worked out great, and our lavender fields visit actually ended up being a pretty inexpensive day!

Also, I want to mention this cute little lavender honey stand that was along the side of the road.

We almost didn’t stop and we actually turned the car around to go back (because I really wanted a jar of honey).

They have some bundles of lavender placed in bins around their stand and I got some VERY pretty pictures right there on the spot! 🥰

Overall, I’d say some of my favorite photos were from the little places we stopped at along the way, rather than at the lavender fields themselves.

Lavender honey and olive oil made from the Provence lavender farm in France collage
There was even Lavender honey and olive oil made from the Provence lavender farm in France!

Bring a small drone to get beautiful overhead shots.

This tip is definitely not going to be practical for everyone, so I wanted to make it my very last tip.

Because seeing the lavender fields had been something I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a child, I saved money well in advance to be able to invest in a small drone to get overhead shots and video.

Honestly, I could have just booked a professional photographer instead (and probably gotten better pictures), but I’ve also used my drone in Switzerland and a few other places so far and absolutely LOVE having the ability to capture our vacation memories in a new way! 😍

The drone I chose to purchase was the DJI Mini 2, because it was in the middle range of pricing while still being a VERY good quality drone- and most importantly, it was small enough not to require any professional license or permissions to fly it.

The DJI Mini2 drone is perfect for flying over the lavender fields in France!

I simply had to register my drone with our government online and 15 minutes later I was good to go!

DJI also has an amazing app, so while you are flying it will clearly tell you if you are allowed to fly in that zone (some areas are restricted, such as airport zones), and if the wind is too fast, etc. It makes flying MUCH simpler and softens the learning curve. (There’s also flying tutorials where you can follow the instructions right along with the app and learn how to use the drone.)

Having our drone with us was super fun, and a few other people also had drones out in the fields, so it’s definitely an idea that is getting more popular.

Using my DJI drone at the Provence lavender fields

I actually got the first photo at the top of this blog post from my drone!

And here’s another quick shot I took with our drone. (No more selfie sticks! Yay!)

I didn’t have very many opportunities to learn how to fly it before our trip, so my footage wasn’t the best.

Just be sure to buy your drone well in advance so you can learn how to fly it well and can take full advantage of using it during the lavender season in Provence. (This is the exact drone kit we purchased, because it came with 2 extra batteries!)

All in all, our whole family really loved the experience of seeing the lavender fields. It was a fun day and our kids enjoyed it MUCH more than I thought they would.

I had prepped everyone in advance that if they just behave and take pictures nicely, I would get it over with as quickly as I could and we could enjoy the rest of our vacation.

It was a great surprise when everyone had fun, and I wasn’t just dragging the family along! 🥰

If you’re planning on taking a family vacation to the Provence France lavender fields, these tips will hopefully help you to make the most of your experience and really enjoy the visit! (And don’t forget, the best time to see lavender fields in Provence is the last week of June to the first week of July!)

Hopefully you find these tips helpful, and if you have any questions- or great tips from your own experiences- please share them below!

Have a wonderful and memory-filled France family vacation!

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