Trying to plan activities for family vacations can be stressful- especially when you have kids of different ages. This collection of family vacation games is not only FREE, but fun for all kids from toddler to teen! They are also EASY games to take on holiday. You can either print them out or save as an image for your phone and play on your trip! Welcome to my list of No-Prep, FREE, fun games to play while on vacation with family!

So check out these awesome family games to play on vacation and see how to have fun on a family vacation without all the stress of planning activities into every day! This is great whether you’re planning local trips or long-term family travel!

Printable Family Street Art Scavenger Hunt Game by LathropsGoneAWOL Family Travel Tips Blog
This Street Art Scavenger Hunt is fun in any city!

These games are also perfect for keeping your family travel on a budget. They help add FREE activities into your itinerary. This lets you focus on other things that make traveling easier!

First on my list of fun games to take on holiday is a game I created for my own family. We play this in just about ANY big city. It NEVER gets boring because we see different things every time we play! 😍

It’s a scavenger hunt style game for STREET ART- where you find certain types of art and check it off the list.

Street Art Scavenger Hunt FREE Printable Games for Vacation

There’s no need to print this! You can save it to your phone and mark it off as you go with your phone’s editor! 😉

The cool thing about fun vacation games like this is that they are easy to whip out when you’re dragging kids through a city to go sightseeing.

And since every city has different art, this game never gets boring!

PS- It can be hard to plan the best family vacation with teenager and tween ages because they like to grumble and complain when away from their electronic devices for too long…

…So add an extra twist to this game and have the older kids take a pic of each type of street art they find! You’ll be surprised how much fun they end up having!

Snag this free Street Art Scavenger Hunt Game here and get ready for some fun family bonding.

We’ve used this activity in multiple cities during our European family vacation and during our USA-based family travel. It keeps ALL of our kids entertained no matter where we go!

Psst… here’s one of my family travel tips: The older kids often find themselves having fun (yes, really actual FUN!) helping the littler kids find everything on the list. It’s a total SCORE for no-prep travel activities.

Planning a family trip to the beach? These family vacation games are PERFECT for keeping kids entertained at the beach. This gives you a bit more time to relax in the sunshine and listen to the waves. 😘

This collection of fun family building games requires nothing more than the sandy beach and a stick. So they are SUPER easy since you don’t have to drag a bunch of stuff down to the beach with you.

Beach Sand No Prep Family Vacation Games

With fun activities like tic-tac-toe, beach hopscotch, and cat & mouse- there’s no need to print anything! Just bookmark this page and pull it up on your phone when kids start to get bored of chasing the waves. 😉

See the full list of no-prep beach games here at MiniTravellers’ website.

The best part about this collection is that you won’t be dragging extra stuff to keep your kids entertained! We all know that beach trips require SO MUCH more family travel gear- towels, suits, extra changes of clothes, etc….

So having games that can be played on the beach without extra stuff is a total winner in my long list of family vacation tips!

And while we’re speaking of family travel gear… don’t forget to browse our super cool list of 5 Must Have Travel Items & Kids Travel Essentials For Making Travel Easier. 😉

If you’re looking for fun family games to play on vacation in the great outdoors, this one’s for you!

This cute scavenger hunt printable from For The Love Of Food can also be used on your phone. It might be one of the easiest vacation games out there! (Next to mine, of course!)

Make sure to download the game image to your phone (or print it out) and take it hiking with you.

Nature Trail Scavenger Hunt Games To Take on Holiday

No additional travel accessories for kids needed. Just grab your phone!

It’s one of the easiest games to take on holiday! Plus, it gets the kids engaged with the wilderness and nature around them!

Any time you can trick kids into doing something educational under the idea of having fun is a WIN in my book! Besides, look how cute this game is?!

(And you might have noticed that I’m a HUGE fan of scavenger hunt games because they teach kids so many skills! From learning to pay attention to details, to thinking outside the box and using their visual skills, even learning collaboration and improving memory- the list goes on and on! They really make the best games for family vacation!)

So be sure to grab this cute nature scavenger hunt here before your next hiking trip!

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If you’re heading to any of the Disney theme parks for your next family vacation, you might already be dreading the LONG lines to wait for the rides.

If so, never fear! We’ve got a fun no-prep travel game for you, too! 😉

Having a blog dedicated to tips for traveling with kids means thinking outside the box to make vacations as stress-free as they can be! That includes tackling those annoyingly long wait times for princess photos and roller coasters!

Say What Disney Vacation Games

This ‘Disney Say What Game’ by Marcie And The Mouse makes the BEST games for vacation to the Disney parks!

We make a slight tweak to this game to use it while waiting in the theme park lines.

Instead of using tokens or anything, we just go down the list of questions and each take turns answering, oldest to youngest!

Not only is it fun to hear everyone’s answers, but I feel like it really helps the family bond and get to know each other better! (And I love family building and bonding games!)

Since there’s a great variety of questions, we can usually entertain ourselves for hours instead of getting bored in the line. I just had to include this on my list of family games to play on vacation for anyone planning a Disney visit. 😉

So be sure to save this game as an image on your phone (or print it out) before your trip to the parks. Then get ready for the best family vacation (even with teenagers!)

You can grab it directly from their website here!

Also, this is a great time to remind you to check out our post about how we use our Family Travel Budget to plan our travel! Theme park vacations get expensive fast, and you might find our tips for planning family travel on a budget to come in handy. 🥰

Here’s another fun scavenger hunt games for vacation in the city! This is a fun one from Lady and the Blog.

I like this vacation game because it has a lot of ordinary things that can be found in almost ANY city. It’s easy to do anywhere, even if you’re not going on vacation! (Goodbye, boredom during long drives!)

City Scavenger Hunt Games for Family Vacation

And Vera has put links to a BUNCH of other scavenger hunts at the bottom of the post, also!

This gives you access to tons of different options for fun vacation games to places like the zoo, the beach, and a license plate one for road trips! (She even has holiday and indoor versions!)

Scavenger hunts are (in my opinion) some of the easiest and BEST games for family vacation. This site is definitely worth the visit if you’re looking for easy ways to keep the kids entertained on your next trip. 😜

You can find all of her different ones listed here and download what you like best!

Other Fun Vacation Games To Include In Your Next Trip:

Don’t miss these other fun games for vacation activities that are easy to enjoy!

And don’t forget to download our own amazing Street Art Scavenger Hunt game! (Seriously, it’s SO good! We’ve used it in so many cities during our family world travels!)

You won’t know how NOT to have fun on a family vacation with these awesome games!

If you’ve found any family travel games that YOU absolutely LOVE, please share them below in the comments so we can all share in the fun! 🥰

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