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This is another short post, but I wanted to give you an example of the other major document that I was really stuck on during our Non-Lucrative Visa Application process to move to Spain. (Note: In recent years this has also been called a Non-Working visa, but the process and requirements seem to be the same as when we applied.)

If you're also going through this process (and probably you are, since you're here), you've probably already googled a few things like:

What is the letter of intent for a visa application?

What should the letter of intent say for my visa?

Never fear, this post is here to help!

An important part of your visa application process, which I think sometimes gets overlooked, is the letter of intent. The purpose of this letter is to explain why you want to move to the country you have chosen, and briefly outline your ability to do so.

Depending on how much research you've done (and expat groups you've joined) you might have already heard horror stories of families being denied because the consulate didn't like their letter of intent. I certainly did, and let me tell you I gained a few grey hairs stressing about what to write in a letter that seemed to carry so much weight!

Despite this, our letter (and visa application) was accepted just fine! 😅

Here is our example letter, which I also provided in Spanish (thank you again, Google Translate):

Feel free to use my example as a template to get started on what you want to include in your letter for your own family.

Make sure you create a letter that is UNIQUE to your situation. You really want the consulate to see you as people, and as a family, instead of a paper application. 🥰

It's also important that this be translated into the native language of your destination country- I know this seems repetitive since I mentioned it already, but I was surprised to hear that some visa applicants don't do this- and it is an important detail that shows you really do want to become a part of the culture and the country you are requesting to live in.

That's it! You've totally got this!

Check out our other Visa Application posts to see examples of other documents, and be sure to download our free visa prep checklist to help you stay organized! 😉

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