Our Visa Preparation Checklist ***Free Download***

Here is where you can download our free VISA preparation checklist for your family's non lucrative visa application. I have included it in an easy to use Google Sheets format so you can access it free and your progress will always be saved automatically! 😎 You can also adjust it to organize your application for any visa world wide!

Using this spreadsheet, I was able to keep track of all the necessary items and what stage of completion they were in at any time. It saved me TONS of organizational energy! LOL!

You can edit all of the sections to fit your personal circumstances, and make the VISA application process go faster, smoother, and leave less room for errors! Woohoo!

Also, most of these documents will be things you need at various times in your overseas journey- from registering for foreign bank accounts, setting up insurances, and enrolling in schools, the number of times we've needed one (or several) of these docs has been astounding- so it definitely helps to have it all handy and put together already!

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Our Family In Rome Italy _ Must Have Travel Items For Making Travel Easier _ Lathrops Gone

Welcome to Lathrops Gone AWOL! We're a family of 7, and we started traveling the world when our youngest was just a little over a year old. Life has shown us that every day is a gift and our time is limited- so we're on a mission to see the world and make as many wonderful memories as we can together!


Traveling with babies, toddlers, and angsty teens has taught us a LOT about ourselves as a family. We've seen some amazing places and learned a few travel hacks along the way! 😉


I hope you enjoy reading our blog and sharing our travel adventures with us!

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