Here is where you can download our free VISA preparation checklist for your family’s visa application. It can easily be adjusted to suit any type of visa. We used it for our Non Lucrative Visa Spain application for our family of 7.

It’s created as an easy-to-use Google Sheets format so you can access it free on any device. Your progress will always be saved automatically as well! 😎

This is an easy way to organize your application for any visa world wide, whether it is a non lucrative visa or any other type of visa. It’s helpful to complete requirements for Spanish visa or any other type of visa.

LathropsGoneAWOL Free Visa Preparation Checklist download

Using this spreadsheet, I was able to keep track of all the necessary items and what stage of completion they were in at any time. It saved me TONS of organizational energy! LOL!

As you get the different visa documents prepared, you simply check off all of the separate requirements for Spanish visa (or whichever visa you prefer) on the list! It’s a very flexible and universal visa preparation checklist.

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Also, most of these documents will be things you need at various times in your overseas journey. From registering for foreign bank accounts, setting up insurances, and enrolling in schools, etc. (The health insurance process was especially tricky!)

The number of times we’ve needed one (or several) of these docs has been astounding! It definitely helps to have everything handy and put together already.

Having all of these documents in one place has made moving abroad with children and our transition to life in a new country so much easier. (And it helps us stay organized whenever we’ve gone traveling with family as well.)

This also comes in handy when you want to apply for your family’s passports as well. There can be a LOT of different documents and paperwork needed when there’s multiple people in the family. It’s definitely nice to keep a list of everything in one place!

So be sure to click here and download our FREE visa preparation checklist.

In the meantime, we will be wishing you the VERY best luck with your planning and moving! Woohoo!

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