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Streaming Devices Abroad

Before you plan on bringing your Fire Stick or Roku device abroad, this post is a MUST read.

Streaming devices are very popular in America, and a newly growing trend in Europe. However people might be hesitant to cut the cable here because, honestly, cable is just so much more affordable here than back in the US. For example, our family pays 140 Euros a month for two cell phone lines (with a shared 24GB data), cable TV (with 140 channels), and 300mbs High Speed internet.

The trend to cut cable might not move as fast as it did in the US, but don’t let that deter you. Please bring your device! First of all, bring it because it will make your kids happy- which in turn makes you able to rest a bit while they suck up those good old screen rays. 😉

Streaming Services- What works?

Netflix is very popular in Europe. Most AirBnB have some sort of Netflix capable device (like a smart tv) with their rooms that you can sign into with your account. If not, having the Amazon Firestick and/or Roku device will come in handy, they can just plug into most TVs.

The shows offered are related to the country you are in. Yes it does have everyone's favorites from the states, but some that you enjoy to watch may not be offered in your new country. But hey, there’s TONS of options, and you should be able to find something else you will enjoy. Netflix works on both the Amazon Firestick and Roku.

Hulu is an American company which does NOT work in Europe. You can bypass this with a VPN service, but that is something you need to search on the internet beforehand and often costs money for a good one. Hulu does not readily work on any streaming device outside of the US, even if the app is pre-installed before you leave the states.

Amazon Prime TV & Movies 
Amazon is a power house in Europe. They offer Prime (free) and paid video selections. Shortly after moving to Europe, we purchased a Smart TV which offers Amazon Prime viewing services via a pre-installed app.

The main downfall to Amazon services is that you WILL NEED to have a European Prime account for it to work. (Our Firesticks and Roku worked for about a week and then recognized our foreign IP addresses and stopped working.) After a quick call to Amazon’s customer service, we were told that it was because we are no longer in the region for the prime account we signed up for (i.e. in the States).

YouTube works great in Europe. We have had no problem finding American videos in YouTube, and we do not notice any limitability in selection when browsing or searching. We have also been exposed to new videos because of the popular viewing in our new location. We still get YouTube on our phones just fine.

Our European TV came with the YouTube app pre-installed and it works with my existing account. I was even able to rent a movie from my American account and play it through the app on the TV.
The movie, you ask? Why, it was “Robin Hood, Men in Tights.” We can’t hardly raise well-rounded kids without a wacky sense of humor, right?!?
As far as YouTube working on the Firestick, that is a no-go. Google and Amazon are having a power struggle so Google removed YouTube from Amazon products. The Roku device works great for Youtube. A great work-around option might be to use Miracast (or similar option) to broadcast YouTube to the Firestick from a phone or laptop.

 Your ‘Special’ Fire Stick
If you know what this is, than you will be happy to know it works in Europe. But the providers are not as strong as in the States. We have noticed it buffers from time to time, and streaming abilities seem a bit sporadic.

If you don’t know what this is, just take a regular fire stick over to your techie friend and I bet they can hook you up. 😜 A Fire TV box has more memory, although not so easy for traveling.

BONUS: The Alexa Echo and Echo Dot work great here, and they still speak to us in English. Yay!

**This post was written by Larry, and edited by Jessica. Hope you enjoyed it!**