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VISA Application - Medical Health Certificate EXAMPLE

Whatever country you choose to get a VISA in, it likely requires a Medical Health Certificate with the doctor's letterhead, signature and stamp. It will need to be both English and the language of your desired country.

This is an example of our letter, finished and signed from the doc:

I made an appointment for each of our family members to get a physical, and gave my basic printed wording example to the doctor, explaining what was needed and why. They drafted it up on their official letterhead and I was able to pick up the letters within a few days! :) Awesome!

The consulate website should be pretty specific about what is needed, because there is fairly straightforward requirements world-wide on what this letter is used for and what wording it needs to have. I copied and pasted the exact wording, then translated it into Spanish (because we were moving to Spain) and printed a sample for the doctor. Be sure to match your wording to what your specific consulate requires.